As an Open Source/ DevOps Professional you know that it’s of the utmost importance to stay on top of the latest developments and trends in your field.
If you neglect developing your own skill-set professionally, you might become redundant for your employer, or may find yourself out of business soon.

Many Professionals struggle with keeping their skills current, especially with how rapidly the IT landscape is changing.
With all of the advanced and emerging technologies, when they do find the time for training, they don’t know where to go in order to maximize their time and investment.

Do you agree?

We've got you covered with ITGilde Knowledge Hub

with access to:

Availability to ITGilde Gurus Sessions

Attend live sessions and get access to the database of recordings. Value: 1 live session EUR 99, 1 recording EUR 109.

Admission to Trainings & Resources

Access to events and resources that are specifically arranged for ITGilde members and Knowledge subscribers.

Discounts for Training Events

Valuable and exclusive Training Events that cannot be organized for free, will be accessible for you at a great discount.

What is included?

ITGilde Gurus Sessions

After we receive your payment you’ll get immediate access to the  recordings of the live sessions and upcoming live sessions.


  • Enhance your security, using the security options of systemd – Part 1
  • RHCSA Shell Scripting Update
  • RHCSA 8 Containers Update
  • Automatic Storage Provisioning with Rook on K8S
  • Kubernetes Networking Overview
  • Linux Memory Management

Live sessions:

During your 12-month membership you can expect to attend at least 12 live sessions. And if the technology does not fail, also the recordings of these sessions.

Value: € 1.854

Admission to Training and Resources

Attend special live training events such as ‘OpenShift EX280 Prerelease class + Advanced Labs Workshop’ which were hosted in January 2021. And the ‘Why building Azure knowledge @ITGilde?’ session which is exclusively accessible to members. Also, if recordings are available you’ll have access to these. The recordings of ‘OpenShift EX280 Prerelease class + Advanced Labs Workshop’ are not available in the knowledge hub.

And, get access to recordings of ITGilde Tech-Talks – exclusively available in the hub.

Available recording: Conjur Secrets Management.

Discounts for Training Events

You are invited to attend special training events with a discount code. For example the recent ‘Ansible Book Launch Ultimate RHCE EX294 Crash Course’ for which members only paid €50 instead of €200 to cover the cost of cert guide. And the ‘RHCSA Exam Prep’ session which you could attend live for €50 instead of €150 to cover the cost of the cert guide.

The recording of these training sessions are be part of the ITGilde Knowledge Hub upon availability.

Value: €350, and more savings to come! 

Total value: € 2.204,=

ITGilde supports you to grow professionally

Here’s is how you gain access

ITGilde Knowledge Hub Subscription

Early Bird Offer

12 Months direct access to actual knowledge and resources that will help you to learn about the latest technologies.

Your investment is €395.00 (ex VAT) yearly.

ITGilde Cooperative Membership

Admission based on selection

Join a community of entrepreneurial minded Open Source en DevOps Professionals for 12 months.

Your investment is €480.00 (ex VAT) yearly.