Term and Conditions ITGilde Academy

  1. Definitions

ITGilde Academy (part of ITGilde B.V.) is an education service provider, and as such specializes in the organisation and facilitation of trainings. ITGIlde is the official reseller of Linux Foundation within thae EMEAR region.

These terms and conditions are applicable to all orders, proposals and assignments of consumers, entrepreneurs and organisations, hereafter referred to as customer.

A customer is a natural person or legal entity, who buys a product via de online shop, for whom a training is organized and/or facilitated.

A confirmation is a document stating the description of the delivery activities and services.

  1. Products

All orders, proposals and assignments involve educational products. These are on-line and on-site courses as well as certifications.

On-line courses and certifications can be ordered in the online shop. Immediately after placing the order, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. To these courses also the terms of use of Linux Foundation are applicable.

An on-site training can be at the premises of the customer (in-house), at the premises of one of training partners of ITGilde and Linux Foundation or at the headquarters of ITGilde in Amstelveen.

An on-site training at the premises of the customer is a so-called in-house training. These cannot be ordered at the website, customer and ITGilde agree on this separately.

An on-site training at the premises of one of the training partners can be ordered through the on-line shop. Immediately after placing the order, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. The training partner is responsible for delivering the training, not ITGilde.

An on-site training can also take place at the headquarters of ITGilde in Amstelveen. This training can be organised with or without a training partner. ITGilde is responsible for delivering this training.

Should it be apparent upon delivery of the course that the agreed conditions or requirements were not met and that the quality of the course is compromised, then ITGilde reserves the right to waiver delivery of the course or to discontinue it.

  1. Terms of delivery

On-line courses We deliver only by mail. Unfortunately, a self collection of the product is not possible.

  1. Payment

All trainings ordered via the ITGilde Academy website need to be paid in advance, i.e. paypal, iDeal, credit card, bank or invoice.
You will receive access to an online course and/or certification only after confirmation of the bank that the payment had been received.
If a customer chooses to pay the training by invoice, a 30 day term of payment as per date of invoice is applicable. If the training starts within that period of 30 days, the training needs to be paid 7 days prior to the start of the training. Should the customer fail to comply or in any other way be in default concerning one or more obligations, then all just costs incurred in obtaining these dues will be at the expense of the customer, be they of judicial or extrajudicial nature.

  1. Cancellation by the customer

    • The customer may cancel the participation of one or more of the course delegates up to and including 23working days prior to the start of the course. If cancellation takes place between 23 and 7 working days prior to the start of the course 50% of the course fee will be invoiced. The full course amount will be invoiced if cancellation takes place within 6 working days, before commencement of the course.
    • Cancellation by the customer does not automatically entitle the customer to a reassignment to another course or, the booking of alternate training facilities or the reengagement of a trainer. Rescheduling the assignment is regarded as a cancellation of the current assignment. Cancellation by the customer must always be in writing.
  1. Cancellation by ITGilde

ITGilde is committed to fulfilling a planned course. If through unforeseen circumstances, including insufficient participants, a course needs to be cancelled or rescheduled ITGilde is not bound to compensate for any possible damage.

  1. Cancellation by a training partner

ITGilde is not responsible or liable for a course that will be delivered by and/or at the premises or a partner. The terms and conditions of the training partner are applicable to these courses.

  1. Confidentiality

ITGilde will observe strict confidentiality with regard to classified information that has been provided or which may have occurred during the engagement.

  1. Intellectual property

Models, techniques, instruments and course materials, including software used in conjunction with the delivery of the assignment and incorporated in the course, are and remain the property of the owner. It is forbidden to reproduce, edit or modify in total or in part, models, techniques, instruments and course material including software without written consent from ITGilde.

  1. Authors ownership

All materials used in the course (including software) are protected by copyright and may therefore not be reproduced in any form without the explicit approval of the author(s). Committing part or all material to third parties for educational purposes in whatever form is forbidden.

  1. Settlement of disagreements

Disagreements between the customer and ITGilde will be settled by the Court of law in Amsterdam, or by a qualified and by law empowered judge. All agreements with ITGilde will be subject to, and only to Dutch law.

Amstelveen, The Netherlands January 15 2020

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